Brittany and Kenneth celebrated their wedding in North Carolina on September 16th, 2017.

Kenny's Story

Kenneth (Ken, Kenny) was born and raised on Long Island, NY. Despite many near death experiences (bike crashes, poorly controlled electrical experiments, video game induced comatosis, and on so on...), he went on to complete his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Vermont, After finishing an impressive cross country cycling trip, Ken completed his Masters in the same major at the City College of New York. Having not endured enough torture, he is now currently a Mechanical Engineering PhD candidate at City College, expecting to defend his thesis in Fall 2017. Outside of academia, he serves as a cat punching bag.


Our Relationship

Kenneth and Brittany met at a birthday party in Gowanus - It was at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. Funnily enough, neither of them actually played any shuffle board! After a "seal the deal" handshake in a pizza shop a few weeks later, they started their dating journey. Kenny introduced Brittany to serious city cycling, backpacking, and long distance running. Brittany coached Ken in the ways of cat ownership, dusting and the health benefits of butter. The engaged couple currently live in a sweet studio apartment in West Harlem (near City College) with their cat, Della.  


Brittany's Story

Brittany was raised in Western North Carolina, but has lived in VA and WA. After completing her Management degree at UNC Asheville, she took a cross country road trip that led her to moving to NYC. Quickly after, she met Kenny. Since college, Brittany has worked in the non-profit field as a facilitator, trainer, and technical assistance provider to help other non-profits improve their services. If you can't find her spreading butter on toast, she is either scaling a vertical wall, dodging traffic on her bike (while yelling "compliments" to pedestrians), managing the the best band in NYC, or most likely sneaking the last cookie. Life is short, so she is now following her passion and shifting to the field of outdoors education. 


Family Land

nature Preserve

Deerfields is a 940-acre tract of family property that adjoins Pisgah National Forest in Henderson County, N.C.  Deerfields has cabins (one from the 1950s, the other from the 1930s), an outdoor chapel, an open-air pavilion, two lakes for swimming and boating, and land for hiking and camping.